School Trips


Lodi Province organizes and promotes numerous museum educational activities as part of its Integrated Educational Service. It does so by gathering educational proposals put forward by museums, supporting and assisting in the conception and organization of educational initiatives proposed by museums, coordinating educational activities, planning “Museo Parlante” and “Itinerari Lodigiani (“Talking Museum” and “Lodigiano Itineraries”) initiatives and coordinating the   “LODIGIAMO!” and “Lo sguardo curioso” (Looking with curiosity) projects.

The “Museo Parlante" is a significant stage in the progressive approach of schoolchildren to museum collections and cultural heritage in general. The initiative involves every type and level of school in the entire province and offers guided tours and workshops at the museums making up the Lodigiano Museum System.

The “Itinerari lodigiani” initiative offers schools of every type and level in Lodi and the province free educational courses that accompany schoolchildren in the discovery of places and monuments in the Lodigiano, stimulating their observation skills, providing tools for the recognition of different architectural styles and analysis of works of art and raising their awareness on the subject of preservation and promotion of Cultural and Artistic Heritage.  

An adjunct to the Itinerari lodigiani” initiative,  “Sei di casa… in  Provincia!” (You’re at the Province”),  gives schoolchildren in Lodi and the province the opportunity to visit the Provincia di Lodi administrative headquarters located in the former San Cristoforo and San Domenico convents.  

Lodi Province also offers schools “LODIGIAMO!”, a catalogue of educational initiatives offered by Lodigiano Museums, Archives, Naturalistic Areas and the Astronomical Observatory, which over the years has proven to be a valid aid for teachers who want their pupils to expand their knowledge of the museums in Lodi and the province. This extensive and diversified catalogue was the result of  well-planned and structured project by the Integrated Educational Service, which in close cooperation with the museums examined the proposals of previous years, also with regard to results obtained, analysed their validity and then evaluated new ones in relation to the reference target. This made it possible to structure ad hoc initiatives of educational interest which have been fine-tuned year by year to meet the needs of the “new school” which increasingly integrates with the territory. 

Convinced of the validity and necessity for cultural and artistic heritage education projects, a number of educational itineraries have been proposed and collected in “Lo sguardo curioso", a leaflet illustrating courses and guided tours to discover the historic, artistic and environmental heritage of Lodi and the Lodigiano.

The idea behind this initiative was the fact that the humanised environment is a mirror of the culture and history of the community that has inhabited it over the centuries and so can be can be profitably used as a “text book” to read, observe and interpret it first-hand.  

From this perspective, the Province has put into effect a system of coordination between the museums and managers of cultural assets on one hand and tourist guides on the other,  with the aim of promoting the creation of a network of guided tours which, when fully operational, should become autonomous and constant over time. 

All the leaflets, created in electronic format, have been uploaded and made downloadable in the educational section of the website, or at  in the Thematic Area  “Cultura”