Cenni storici di Lodi 



The origin of Lodi is linked to the destruction of the Roman Laus Pompieia, which took place in 1111 and 1158 at the hands of the Milanese.

The new town, situated on top of Eghezzone Hill and on the right bank of the Adda River, was founded on 3 August 1158 AD by Frederick I of Swabia, known as Barbarossa.

The heart of the historic centre consists of the beautiful square-shaped Piazza della Vittoria, overlooked by important monuments dating from the Middle Ages on.

Picturesque Lodi has been the location for films and commercials such as: Vallanzasca: Angel of Evil, directed by Michele Placido, starring actors Kim Rossi Stuart and Filippo Timi; Welcome to the North with Claudio Bisio and Alessandro Siani, and the Sky television commercial featuring international athletes such as swimmer Federica Pellegrini, NBA basketball player Danilo Gallinari and footballers Samuel Etò, Andrea Pirlo and Gerard Piquè.