Chiesa di S. Maria Maddalena



Located at the heart of the low part of the city, the Church of Magdalene dates back to a very old time. It was built by combining the pre-existing Roman building on the right (oriented on the opposite side); the church has on single longitudinal nave, with elliptic plan and a intricate layout of niches, chapels arranged symmetrically on both sides to which two other modules are added, namely a trapezoid and a rectangular one, towards the entrance and the chancel. Above the jolting gable are large windows that project the light on the central dome and the ribbed vaults. The round base and the pinnacles of the central dome are frescoed with “The glory of Saint Mary Magdalene”, “Theological virtues” and “Exaltation of the Cross”, while the vault of the chancel features a “Deposition”, all of which are works by Carlo Innocenzo Carloni (between 1752 and 1756). The polychrome marble altars, with their rich gable ends, elegant balustrades and wrought iron gates were fashioned by local stonemasons and blacksmiths between 1752 and 1757. The double octagonal sacristy, built on a signed drawing by Veneroni, features wooden armours from the same period. The Sartorio brothers built the four-row bell tower, with a rather classic form, between 1751 and 1752. The curved façade is a rather eclectic refurbishment of 1888. The pristine church stuccos, dating back to 1643, the polychrome wooden statue of the “Repenting Magdalene” and the miraculous XIV – XV century crucifix are also worth mentioning.




Lodi, Via del Tempio

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Apertura tutti i giorni dalle 7.00 alle 12.00
Il sabato anche il pomeriggio dalle 16.00 alle 18.30; la domenica anche il pomeriggio dalle 15.00 alle 18.00.
Messe feriali: 7.30 (il sabato anche alle 17.30)
Messa domenica e festivi: 10.00 – 17.30


Lodi, Church of Saint Mary Magdalene



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