Museo del Tesoro dell'Incoronata Lodi



The Sanctuary of the Incoronata treasury museum in Lodi is a collection of liturgical objects linked to the history of the Sanctuary of the Blessed Crowned Virgin. Inaugurated in 1988, it is housed in underground rooms beneath the monumental sacristy which feature intersecting barrel and ribbed vaults, arches, niches and splayed windows. The vast collection of liturgical objects on display here includes reliquaries, chalices, candlesticks, palm vases, monstrances, ampullas and reliquary holders. Of particular interest among the liturgical implements are numerous paraments with chasubles, copes, stoles, maniples, humeral and chalice veils, bags, tunicles and albs edged with intricate lace dating from the XVII and XVIII centuries. (The works on display are not only rare and unique pieces of sacred art, but a collection of objects with connections to the religious functions of an important sanctuary).





Via Incoronata - entrata dal Tempio

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Santuary Of The Incoronata Treasury Museum



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