The Lombardy River Po



Pavia, Lodi, Cremona and Mantua, the four provinces of the Lombardy Po Tourism System, are equally blessed with capital cities having  a rich artistic heritage,  witness to centuries of history and culture, as well as the charm to be discovered strolling in the historic centers of large and small art cities of art and enjoying the magical atmosphere that inspired poets, writers, musicians, painters of every era.

A network that  combines art cities, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Mantua and Sabbioneta) and an Intangible Cultural Heritage Site  (Traditional Violin Craftsmanship in Cremona), nature reserves, navigable rivers, spas, natural oasis, agricultural and food processing traditions,  a wide range of catering services,  top quality arts and crafts businesses and local products with the proficiency of tourism service providers that can be found in the Lombardia Po area.