Lodi. As many outdoor trips as you want, just outside Milan.



With family, with friends, as a couple or solo: you can visit Lodi however you like, because there's always an experience waiting to be had. Choose the perfect one for you and get ready to hit the road.


A historic outing

Stop to admire Piazza della Vittoria, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, and its arcades. Visit the medieval Duomo and the Temple of the Incoronata, a jewel of the Lombard Renaissance, get lost in the 24 rooms of the Bolognini Museum, inside the castle of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, and retrace the pilgrims' path and the passage of the Po River along the Via Fancigena, admiring the eighteenth-century Villa Litta in Orio Litta.


An artistic outing

Be amazed by the Art Nouveau buildings, such as Villa Biancardi in Codogno. Also visit the Museum of Printing and Art Printing and don't miss the annual Ethical Photography Festival. Experience the medieval atmosphere, immersed in the Lodi countryside, at the Basilica of Lodi Vecchio and the Cistercian Abbey of Abbadia Cerreto.


An outing in the green

Take the Muzza bike path, a 35 km route that connects Cassano d'Adda and Lodi; immerse yourself in the greenery of the Adda Sud Regional Park or take a romantic mini-cruise along the Adda River. You can also organize an excursion to the Golena del Po, to admire the incredible views along the riverbank and the Monticchie Nature Reserve.


A delicious outing

Taste all the typical cheeses, such as Pannerone di Lodi, Tipico lodigiano and Raspadüra. Try also the wonderful desserts: the sabbiosa of Maleo, the tortionata, the amaretti of Sant'Angelo Lodigiano and the cookies of Codogno.

What are you waiting for?

Come to Lodi.